Second Baby

second pregnancy

Second Pregnancy – Doing it all again!

A journal covering the second pregnancy, with weekly updates on how it feels to grow a baby: physically, emotionally, mentally. Follow the good, the bad and the awesome of having another baby.

Week 17: Moving

And we have arrived at our new home. A lot to do, really, a lot, I did now remember moving being so intense, but maybe that’s because it’s the first time we do it with an infant and another baby on the way!

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Week 16: Baby Panda

An adorable week, connecting with the family. At the same time, a lot going on as we are in the final days before moving to new home.

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Week 15: Cinnamon Roll

A week with health issues but mostly with a positive mood, feeling the baby growing, with a visit from my dad and gearing up for the house move.

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Week 7 – He smooths, all is smooth again

My husband has returned home and kissed me and all the worries disappeared. Everything is peaceful again, my body is quiet and our boy is bursting with good mood and energy. Welcome home, my love, we missed you.

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Week 8 – Bitter Sweet

We met our baby again! The three of us went to the doctor and had an ultrasound. We could see the baby, now much more prominent: you could clearly distinguish the head, the belly and even his spine. Or hers. Everything seems to be going well. Our baby, though, has been having a tough time napping again. The fighting is exhausting for both of us. What does he need?

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