Time for Changes

Personal Life Changes

A letter to teachers

A teacher is an adult, a role model. And there are often not that many in a kids life, particularly adults that they look up to and trust.

Table for one

Fast forward and I am now completely in love with my husband and son. What I felt at the time, though, was real and sincere. My husband just changed my whole world and life upside down.

Notes for life

I wish I had told her how her work had a rippling effect not only throughout my life but also my son’s. Now I can only hope she found something else, maybe even better. Most of all, I hope she kept bringing music to children’s souls.

Beauty and Integrity

There’s no beauty without Integrity. Find training notes on Pilates exercises to improve your health, posture and wellbeing: Physically and Emotionally.

In the mood for Ideas

Would it be better not to think about any of this, then? And, as a result, let it be, just enjoy my cup of tea and the rain outside? What’s more, allow the stillness to take over, embrace a stoic perspective on things, and don’t move anything.

We failed

Today, we failed. He died alone. And we all became a little bit poorer, a lit bit less human. I can’t imagine the despair or isolation he must have felt. What were his last thoughts? What is this all about? A man drowned in Venice. There were many people, many...

Finish line

The final milestone to the Coaching Certification has started.   This evaluation consists of eleven sessions of Observed Coaching and professional feedback.   Today was the first session and it was very good to see other people coaching. There were many...

Written Exam: Checked

I just finished the required written exam to become a certified coach. It was actually a lot of fun despite my discomfort in studying and actually getting started. It is yet another example that will hopefully help me remember that often the anxiety preceding an...

Destruct to Construct

The challenge remains, though, as there are always more exercises and variations to experiment with. Or new approaches to exercises you can already make, bringing you back to a fresh perspective. A new layer, a deeper learning experience.


Deciding when it’s time to push and when it’s time to let go. A journey of balancing different priorities between pregnancy, passions, family, health.

Hanging in there

My body remembers this accident very well and doesn’t trust hanging at all. One could argue that if I hadn’t been able to grab them, I wouldn’t be here at all. So, in that sense, my arms were the heroes that saved me.

Push and Pull

Having been a ballet dancer and what not, I can only imagine the type of training and dedication she went through. I wouldn’t be surprised if she thinks she’s actually kind of a softy with me.