Pilates, a way to change your own world

Here you can find what it means to do Pilates, how it shapes you and what it looks like to become a Pilates instructor

Pilates, the real thing, is a whole new world to discover and experiment with, every day. Most of all, it brings you more self-awareness, a better posture and an efficient use of your body and energy.

 If you haven’t tried it yet, you are in for a treat.

These posts will share some glimpses of how it feels like. Spoiler alert: it is tough, it’s engaging, it’s hugely beneficial.

Firm Feet

After trying a few exercises, I was able to make a deep squat for a few seconds – for the first time in my life.

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Beauty and Integrity

There’s no beauty without Integrity. Find training notes on Pilates exercises to improve your health, posture and wellbeing: Physically and Emotionally.

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Destruct to Construct

The challenge remains, though, as there are always more exercises and variations to experiment with. Or new approaches to exercises you can already make, bringing you back to a fresh perspective. A new layer, a deeper learning experience.

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Deciding when it’s time to push and when it’s time to let go. A journey of balancing different priorities between pregnancy, passions, family, health.

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Hanging in there

My body remembers this accident very well and doesn’t trust hanging at all. One could argue that if I hadn’t been able to grab them, I wouldn’t be here at all. So, in that sense, my arms were the heroes that saved me.

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Push and Pull

Having been a ballet dancer and what not, I can only imagine the type of training and dedication she went through. I wouldn’t be surprised if she thinks she’s actually kind of a softy with me.

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The curve – continued

Pulling Straps makes me angry. It’s hard to explain but it’s incredibly annoying. I push through it because I know I react like this is because it looks sooooo simple and yet I really struggle with it.

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The curve

A series of Pilates exercises addressing the curvate of our backs. The focus was on the bend between the lower and upper back.

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