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Priorities & Achievements

Yurray! I got the Psychometric certification for both Ability and Personality. It was a fun journey, learning a lot about assessments and different tools. I can now use them when working with someone on their personal development and self-awareness. You can also use some of this stuff for hiring but my passion is coaching and growing people. These tools are great for that.
I’m also finalising the coaching certification. This is more challenging because I’m learning less in this program. In all honesty, this is more about getting recognition and credentials. It might seem arrogant to say it, but it’s how it feels at the moment. This makes it less motivating but I’m taking a lot from it and it’s definitely worth the time and effort. Either way, having this certification will be quite important to continue delivering coaching. It is valuable at the personal, corporate and group coaching types.
There’s a fascinating variety of fields coming together: Psychology, Communication, Anthropology, etc..
It feels like making art to try and combine them together in the right way to ease up the way for personal growth. I love it.
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Priorities & Endings

Pilates is also a way of helping others, allowing them to go further. It teaches you sooo much about yourself. It also enables healing, it makes you stronger and more apt to take whatever comes your way. On this front, I’m still very much learning and struggling and using it for my own benefit. It’s been quite intense. Now, with the baby coming, there is pressure to make it work, to finish it before I become a mom. But, it is just not going to happen.
It was disappointing and it hurt to come to the conclusion that I simply won’t be ready in the next couple of months. There’s not enough time before the baby comes. It was also a relief to come to this realisation that the pressure is off. I don’t need to rush through things, fight against time and potentially ask something from my baby that is not fair. I don’t have to do that anymore. I can and want to just take my time, do it well and if that means postponing it for a while then so be it.
It was a hard decision and no matter how much I know this is what’s best for everyone, I still feel like I’m failing expectations. From others, from my teachers, from my husband. Something to let it sink and deal with slowly. Either way, I’ll remain active and studying. Thus, I can make progress with the Pilates apprenticeship and do something good and healthy for me and my family.
All and all, a lot is happening and it really helps to have the priorities straight. And, oh boy, does having such an amazing husband and baby in my belly make it clear what those priorities are 🙂