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Week 31: Wishes

Here you can find the journal for my second pregnancy. I used to have a corporate career and left to become a mom and coach. Week 31: Wishes



Middle life crisis or not, it’s time to reinvent myself and change things upside down.  ...

Notes for life

I wish I had told her how her work had a rippling effect not only throughout my life but also my son’s. Now I can only hope she found something else, maybe even better. Most of all, I hope she kept bringing music to children’s souls.

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An Ode to my husband

May there be no doubts, though: Family is the highest priority for both of us. We simply figured out this was the best format for us, as a unit, to build a life we loved.

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What a wreck – Stories from 10 years at Google

I wondered about the answer I could have given, the words I didn’t say. L’esprit the escalier, as they call that feeling of the having the perfect reply too late. The difference is that this feeling lasted for months, if not more.

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