Welcome to Time of Changes, in all aspects of life.

Week 39: Running Still

I wasn’t ready for this and feel frustrated. But, as my son has already learned, if I can’t run, I’ll walk; if I can’t walk, I’ll crawl. And soon enough, there will be a new baby in our arms and we’ll start a new path together.

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Week 38: The Bells of Birth

Either way, there are only things to be happy and excited about at the moment. It might be a roller coaster but it is an incredible ride, and in the best company I could have ever imagined.

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Week 37: Big Emotions!

Emotions grow as the big moment arrive. Looking back and looking forwards, cherishing the moment before everything changes again. 

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Week 36- Tick Tack

It will be amazing to figure it out together and grow as a family. I am so grateful. In years from now, we will probably look back at this time in life, filled with fondness and nostalgia. There’s no rush – for now, let’s live this time in life, with fondness and excitement.

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Week 35: Hot & Hectic

The pregnancy is approaching its big day. Our baby is moving a lot; there are frequent and intense contractions and an overall feeling that the body is getting ready.

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