A play date invitation

Four at the fort

An invitation to play

Dear friend,

Thanks for asking me to join you in organizing some playgroups for our kids to play together and have some organized activities. Now that schools, playgroups and nurseries are closing down because of the virus and the global pandemic, our children will need other ways of being taken care of throughout the days, all day.

Unfortunately, I will have to decline it. You know, even though we are feeling and looking healthy, I can’t be 100% sure that we are not infected by the virus. I rather not show up and wonder whereas, maybe, I am infecting your children or one of our friend’s. It is also possible that on the way we’ll infect our neighbour who is walking the dog or the old lady who works at the café and came out for a smoke – she has a sore throat and needs the fresh air.

On top of it, I am not sure you are not infected…or one of your kids. Yes, I know, you have been super careful. I am sorry for even suggesting that – I hope you are not offended. However, it is possible. And when we are together, and our children are playing, I won’t be able to rejoice, as I usually do, watching them having fun. I will shiver when I see them holding hands, sniffling from excitement or sharing a little snack that goes hand in hand.

I will want to escape, fearful. For the following days, I will be anxious, remembering all of these images, searching for the invisible threat, waiting for its appearance. I will think of you, and your invitation, and I will be resentful. And if we get sick I will be wondering “what if…?” More importantly: if we get sick, we’ll be sick. Us and maybe others who we have been with in the meantime.

No, dear friend, thank you for your invitation. Thank you for thinking of us. Because we think of you too, and all of us, I need to kindly decline your invitation.

Stay healthy,