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We have a surprise – Oh, no!

The power of routines in babies livesLittle did I know how, one day, routines would be such a crucial part of my life. There ’s beauty in chaos, in uncharted territories, in endless possibilities. Waking up and having no clue what to do next, waiting to see what we...

A Balance of MBTI opposites in motherhood

So, am I still the same person? For sure. And I still have the same preferences. But my life is now very different, and therefore I need new tools. It’s all about increasing the portfolio of options at my disposal, particularly when it comes to my family.

Week 39: Running Still

I wasn’t ready for this and feel frustrated. But, as my son has already learned, if I can’t run, I’ll walk; if I can’t walk, I’ll crawl. And soon enough, there will be a new baby in our arms and we’ll start a new path together.

Week 36- Tick Tack

It will be amazing to figure it out together and grow as a family. I am so grateful. In years from now, we will probably look back at this time in life, filled with fondness and nostalgia. There’s no rush – for now, let’s live this time in life, with fondness and excitement.