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Week 12: My Passion Fruit is a boy!

A lot of passion, sweat and tears this week. The highlight is, of course, getting positive results from the genetic screening of the baby! On top of it, we got to know a bit more about the baby: it’s a boy! I will be surrounded by men, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Week 8 – Bitter Sweet

We met our baby again! The three of us went to the doctor and had an ultrasound. We could see the baby, now much more prominent: you could clearly distinguish the head, the belly and even his spine. Or hers. Everything seems to be going well. Our baby, though, has been having a tough time napping again. The fighting is exhausting for both of us. What does he need?

Week 11: Cosy Cocoon

We are moving! End of March we’ll be moving to our new cocoon. The baby is growing well and we made the big test. The boy is happy, learning to walk and taking his first steps? Me, I am rejoicing and needing some cosy time.

Here comes our second baby!

For now, I am trying not to throw the fireworks – it’s just the beginning, anything can happen. Either way, I am feeling great, daddy is jumping around, and even the baby seems to have picked up on the energy and is quite excited as well.

Week 4, not 6

It turns out that I am 4 weeks pregnant, not six. This confusion is not due to my sleep deprivation. It turns out that breastfeeding can make cycles quite irregular and so, the pregnancy is now at an earlier stage than we thought. Breastfeeding while pregnant SOrry,...

Table for one

Fast forward and I am now completely in love with my husband and son. What I felt at the time, though, was real and sincere. My husband just changed my whole world and life upside down.

An Ode to my husband

May there be no doubts, though: Family is the highest priority for both of us. We simply figured out this was the best format for us, as a unit, to build a life we loved.

Week 38 – Ukulele

Countdown to the big day Week 38! Wow "Now, it's countdown time. I am very agitated, wondering what each sign could mean, what to do and not do."  We had our last scheduled appointment with the doctor and it all went very well.   Both the baby and I are ready and set...

Week 37 – Small Pizza

Getting to the finish line Bigger Belly, Bigger Excitement "I hope I'll remain calm and kind enough to be there for him. It's the best I can do for him."  At this point the baby could be born and most likely be strong and healthy.   We are coming to the finish line...