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Week 15: Cinnamon Roll

A week with health issues but mostly with a positive mood, feeling the baby growing, with a visit from my dad and gearing up for the house move. We are on a roll Week 15: The baby is now the size of a cinnamon Roll We were on a roll, this week! My dad came to visit and it was great to share the news in person: the family is growing and he’s going to be a grandpa again. Few things taste as good as bringing such joy to others, cinnamon rolls being up there on the list as...

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Week 12: My Passion Fruit is a boy!

A lot of passion, sweat and tears this week. The highlight is, of course, getting positive results from the genetic screening of the baby! On top of it, we got to know a bit more about the baby: it’s a boy! I will be surrounded by men, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

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Week 8 – Bitter Sweet

We met our baby again! The three of us went to the doctor and had an ultrasound. We could see the baby, now much more prominent: you could clearly distinguish the head, the belly and even his spine. Or hers. Everything seems to be going well. Our baby, though, has been having a tough time napping again. The fighting is exhausting for both of us. What does he need?

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