The curve – continued

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As a follow up to the previous session, there was a bit more dedicated to the curve. That spot on your back where you have a curve going one way (lower back) and then going in the opposite way (upper back). It has been a focus area for me and a great way to learn more about myself.
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Cadillac: Roll Down
The Roll Down felt much better after the last session, with the back feeling nicely hanging from the arms. It’s a relaxing exercise, that not only helps with warming up but puts you in the right set of mind.
Large Barrel: The Swan
The Swan is one of my favourite exercises. I like how you lay there, soft and peaceful and suddenly you rise with strength and confidence. Then you dive forward and go back up as you tell the world “I’m here and everyone is wonderful”. You then lower yourself back again, to rest from the burst of good energy given away. Yet, my teacher was feeling less poetic and kept telling me to pull from the little finger. And other important details. I almost lost him for a moment, as I was imagining the diving and flying. I could almost hear the birds singing (the swans, I guess). I didn’t tell him that, though.
Reformer: Pulling Straps
For some reason Pulling Straps makes me angry. It’s hard to explain but it’s just incredibly annoying. I push through it because I know I react like this because it looks sooooo simple and yet I really struggle with it. Today there was progress so it wasn’t too bad but I could feel it boiling. A clear sign is when it feels like my teacher is talking at twice the speed and I start getting irritated. He knows it by now, no need to say much. He went easy and let me stop the repetitions before turning blue.
Reformer: Back Stroke
Finally, the Back Stroke – need to work more on that one. I can see, conceptually, what should be happening and I kind of follow the steps but I’m not feeling it, yet. I’m not having any a-ha moment, which eventually happens with all exercises. More to follow.