Changing Google for Changing Diapers – a Review

Every ten years…Changing everything

I have been peed, pooped and vomited on. And it’s not even 6:30 in the morning yet. And yet, I am feeling happy, full of energy and excitement. Why? Because I slept almost eight hours last night. It might not seem like a great achievement, but it was probably a record for the past year. 

See, there’s a baby boy in my life now, and he is as healthy and happy as he is active. This is what I have chosen to do

Someone mentioned it’s a good idea to reinvent yourself every ten years. After a decade of being fully engaged in this fantastic company that asks for and gives a lot, it was time for a little revolution. I decided to leave and follow my two passions: family and coaching. 

Fast forward a bit over a year, after changing many diapers, smiles surround me and I am learning something new every day. Once my baby was born, I was reborn as a mother. It changed me and I am always in unchartered territory, trying to figure it out, having the best time of my life. 

Changing was an Option

I am privileged, of course. I have the best husband in the world, and we decided to make this happen. We can afford to do this. And we live in a country that values Family very highly. There’s nothing else one could ask for.

It was a tough decision. Work was fun and exciting. And I didn’t just work at Google – I was a Googler. It was a part of my identity. Who was I, outside the company? There were also several comments

As if any woman would every choose to be a stay-at home-mom.

You really need to have no ambitions in life to chose that.  You? A house-wife?

You could never be a house-wife

What a waste of life and career, to stop working to raise your children

You will lose respect when you stop working 

How boring! You will miss speaking to adults and having mental challenges in no time.

Thank God those times are over. Imagine being dependent on your husband…!  

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My ambitions were to create a great home and family and to help others achieve their dreams. This was what I felt was a life I would be proud, what would make me feel fulfilled. These wishes are worthy, to my husband at least, of respect and admiration. It has been extremely challenging – emotionally, physically and mentally – to keep up with this baby. And to figure out how to best raise him.

Last, but not least, we are a family now, and that changes everything. Tweaking, adapting and growing to be a happy home and a strong family is the best adventure I can imagine. But like any adventure, it requires your engagement and passion. This is my way of giving to it. What about coaching? It’s there, being worked on, ramping up. I want to work with a few selected people and make them grow. It’s not a full-time job – it’s a crafted gift of time and energy to someone.   

Changing Tunes

Now those voices are gone. Most likely, they are still whispered from where I can’t hear them. It’s okay. I have also heard supportive comments, appreciation and “Oh, I wish I could do the same” remarks. In the end, these are other peoples’ words and beliefs.  We, my husband and I, were more interested in our own thoughts.

It’s still a mystery to me how we went so quickly from “how could a woman think of going to work instead of raising her kid” to “how could a woman stop working to raise her kid”. Both options have their value and deserve respect. Whatever works for that family. I honestly hope that we, as a society, are not pushing people too hard in either direction. I definitely felt pressured to continue working. And it took a long time to overcome that. 

Still, we made it happen.

This is our gig. We depend on each, the three of us, to be a family and to grow strong together. 

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