Week 35: Hot & Hectic

A week full of excitement, with social gatherings, a growing belly and seriously hot weather.

It is hot!

Hot weather, warm husband

It is seriously hot this week, affecting everyone’s sleep, energy and patience. My husband has shown an impressive amount of kindness and support. It is hard to describe how lucky, guilty and grateful it makes me feel. After I tell him this, and he shows up with some more of his incredible, healthy and delicious homemade bread. I rest my point. I hit the jackpot with my family.

That, however, does not keep me fresh at night and sleeping is now harder than ever.
Our boy is also not sleeping enough and getting a bit more tired each day. He’s taking it remarkably well, but it must be hard to feel this way and not be able to understand what’s happening or even know how to express his discomfort.

Warm gatherings

On top of it, we had a different week of sorts. We finally got our window blinders fixed, we organised a little get together to introduce ourselves to our neighbours after moving in, and my father came to visit. It all went very well, and I was so glad to see my dad again. He was thrilled with our boy and surprised that I can still move so late in pregnancy and under this weather. Either way, it was very intense and a lot of changes for our kid. No wonder he’s this tired. Both my man and I are incredibly proud of him.

Heating up

The pregnancy is approaching its big day. Our baby is moving a lot, there are frequent and intense contractions and an overall feeling that the body is getting ready.

Emotionally, it feels similar to the first time around in the sense that I know our worlds will change a lot, but we have no idea how. In essence, it feels beautiful and scary. I believe we’ll be even stronger and happier as a larger family, although it’s hard to imagine. The scary part is the realisation that I have no idea how we are going to make the transition, that there’s little we can control and there’s no a lot of energy buffered at the moment. Basically, it will be awesome – but how?

Chilling ahead

I was looking at the week 35 of the first pregnancy, and the feeling seems similar. We were, however, on a romantic getaway. This time around that didn’t happen and, with this heat, I don’t think it would have been enjoyable. Still, it is a pleasant reminder that maybe I can do something special for the three of us during the next weekend or so.