Week 34: Size of a lamp

A week marked by transitions: a growing baby, new worries, an eclipse, the rhythms of a family.

Come on baby light my fire

Week 34: The baby is now the size of a lamp

We went for a new pregnancy checkup and it was exhilarating to see the baby again. What a gorgeous little fellow! Soon, he will be joining us, and I can’t wait to see how he will be, and how he will make his mark on our family. In fact, he already has an enormous impact, and we are already in love with him.

All and all, everything seems to be going well except, potentially, for the blood sugar levels. The baby seems to be getting a bit too heavy for his age, and my glucose measurements seem to be getting a little higher. It is still mostly within limits, but if the baby continues to grow and put on weight at this rate, things might need an intervention.

Not so light

These are stressful news. It makes me wonder if I’ve been doing anything wrong and how much stricter should I be with what I eat. Would that even make a difference? Besides, the doctor also said that these machines provide an estimate and it’s hard to tell what’s the exact weight of the baby or even his size.

Thus, it is unclear if there’s anything that needs to be addressed. Either way, we have an additional appointment in two weeks, to track the progress. Worst case scenario, we might need to either start taking insulin or ask our baby to come a bit earlier. I would rather if our son comes when he decides he is ready. Fingers crossed.

As for the diet, my husband has been treating us with amazing homemade bread and yoghurt. Because it’s homemade and he carefully and lovingly selects each ingredient, it is now much better, tastier and healthier than anything we could be buying. All of us have been feasting on these treats, and it’s nice to know they are not harmful in any way.

Light Preparations

Either way, this possibility is a good reminder that we should make sure we have our things prepared for the baby’s arrival. The bag for the hospital, his first few clothes, hygiene products, bed, etc., ready for him when he gets home. There is something magic about doing it, almost seeing him and imagining those first nights, cuddles, feedings. May he be healthy and happy.

Our nanny has been becoming more integrated each time she comes, and she was alone with our boy for the first time this week, during the doctor’s appointment. It went exceptionally well, and we were very relieved to see that our son not only took it well but enjoyed his time without his parents. On my side, it was tough. I was panicking a little but eventually was very proud of the outcome and happy to know we are now more prepared for our baby’s arrival. Our kid will be in good hands during his brother’s birth.

Light my fire

In the meantime, daily life is already changing from day to day. While the changes are positive, it is taking me some time and energy to get used to them. My boy is super active and always on fire, ready for the next adventure. I, however, am too tired and hot to keep up with him. With more people supporting and being more engaged with the family care, things are being moved from one place to another, schedules slightly affected here and there. These are tiny things, but I end up getting frustrated sometimes.

It is well known that we do a lot of stuff on autopilot, and we don’t even realise. But once your toothpaste is gone missing, your slippers disappeared, and the pan you used for breakfast has been stored elsewhere, it can be disturbing. At least for me, at this moment. So, I have been finding myself irritated more often these days. However, noticing that is already helpful. Fortunately, my man keeps telling me that all is great, including his wife.

Light magic

Last night we had what was apparently the biggest lunar eclipse of the century. While I was quite excited about it, it was my husband who remembered and called me up to see it in the sky. It was a spectacular sight, seeing the moon changing colour and shape. On top of that, it was unique to know that, at that same time, across so many places, millions of people were looking in the same direction, in awe, just like we were.

Somehow, it feels like these moments unite us, and it’s a gentle reminder of how the four of us belong to a place shared with countless other beings, some sentient, some not, but all making up for this beautiful planet. We have indeed a much bigger home than we often think about. I hope our sons will be able to appreciate it and make their contribution to its unique value.