We have a new home, a beautiful home and it’s just unbelievable how great this phase in life is.

We spent the weekend packing and unpacking, dealing with little time and tiredness but in the end it was actually quite a lot of fun. The new home is beautiful and we are now discovering bits and pieces at each moment. There’s a lot to process and assimilate and I have caught myself a few times just looking out at the garden (because now there’s one!), without moving for a long time, while feeling like I’m doing a million things at the same time. It’s fascinating.

Our baby will, hopefully, grow up here; this is a home, a real home.

Apart from that, there was a lot at work for my husband. I tried to help a bit, which was exciting because it was related to topics that I care about and enjoy thinking about. We get along very well, although it did get stressful at times. A lot to do, in very little time. Then again, we do enjoy the last minute adrenaline.

With all this, there has been little time to prepare for next week, when I’ll be travelling to the UK for an intense training for the Pilates apprenticeship and to take the final exam for the Psychometrics Certification.

Both should be really good and I’m looking forwards to it. However, we just moved in and it doesn’t feel good to leave my husband behind, with all the boxes and furniture lying around.

On top of that, the energy levels could be higher and I wonder if I’ll have enough stamina for all of those workout hours that and the mental bandwidth for that and the exam. I should be studying right now, but instead I’m writing here. Procrastination, tiredness or just being slightly rebellious?

The baby is happy and growing. Soon, we’ll be making the big 20 weeks ultrasound to check how he’s doing – can’t wait!