I finally decided to postpone the Pilates certification. Ah, it is hard to put things on hold, miss expectations and put things you like in a “later” box.

Still, the moment the decision was made and shared there was a huge relief, a sense of weight off my shoulders. The additional stress is down, and suddenly I feel super tired, sleepy and relaxed. My body got the message that it can chill for a moment. I slept so well these last few nights that the mood goes up the roof.

Of course, I’ll continue to practice and study Pilates – but without the pressure of hitting certain milestones before the baby comes. It will be good for both of us to stay active but not try and push through artificial deadlines. Besides, I already have the Coaching certification to be accomplished in January.

As the belly grows – and it sure is growing! – And the big day approaches, the reality sinks in more and more and I want to enjoy it. It feels so incredible that a boy is growing inside me and starting to interact with the world around him.

My husband can now easily feel the moves and kicks, and it’s incredible to see them “together”.

Definitely, a great week so far and the weekend was beautiful, with fireplace, relaxing, good food and company, and with the Christmas spirit starting to creep in 🙂