Week 28: Trick or Treat

A week that went by quickly, with sweet treats, tiredness and caring. 

Trick or Treat?

Week 28: The baby is the size of a bunch of bananas

Our Family is a treat

The week was quite intense.

My husband returned home from a long distance trip, and it felt incredible to be all together again. We all missed each other and felt that we belong together.

The rhythms slowly started returning to normal as we all felt home again: daddy, mummy and our boy. Still, there were still a few more in store for us. 

We went to the doctor and saw our baby again, on an ultrasound. He seems to be doing very well, and we are thrilled to feel him more and more every day.  


Treating Tiredness

One of the upsides of the doctor’s appointment was to finally realise one of the reasons why I am so tired. My iron reserves are way too low, and the supplements I was taking were far from enough. The dizziness was becoming a little more frequent, and I was feeling exhausted all the time. So, we are moving forward with an iron infusion, which should avoid any absorption issues and be much faster to take effect. It was not something I was hoping for, but now that it is clear it can be helpful, it became quite exciting. 

Having my husband around also means everyone sleeps more. All and all, it feels like the energy levels will start going back up soon. They must, anyway. 

Family Treats

My mother in law came for a short visit. It was delightful to have her around and see her bonding with the boy. Our sons won’t have their grandparents around on a day to day basis, which is a pity. Maybe because I haven’t spent much time with mine, I have this wonderful concept of grandparents showering the kids with affection and support. A bond that is unique and irreplaceable that makes kids stronger. The distance is too high for frequent or lengthy contacts, so it is splendid when they are here. It was another significant change for the boy, which also interfered with his mood and energy, but he seems to have loved it as well.

Tricking my son

The lowest point was the vaccination. There are no doubts in our minds that vaccines are critical and our sons will get them, according to the best recommendations and their needs. Still, it is not easy. Our boy had to take a double shot, protecting him from a wide variety of diseases. And it is so hard. He doesn’t know what it’s happening, and he wants mummy and daddy to help him and protect him. And there we were, trying to comfort and explain it to him while holding him at the same time so the health professional could give him the shots. He cried, I cried, and it seemed like we were tricking him. Did he feel tricked or betrayed? It broke my hurt, even if it might look like a small episode to others. Brave as he is, in a few minutes he was running around, happy and back to himself. I am still recovering. 

He did, however, get some temperature and got extra tired. What a week for him, but gradually all is coming back to normal. 

Trick or Treat

Soon, a more notable change will come, when he meets his new brother, and we are becoming a larger family. Our hearts will expand even further, and it’s hard to imagine how much more love can one feel. 

I hope both boys will see each other as a treat, a unique gift and treasure they can cherish for life. In the meantime, let’s get ready and get some rest.

Good night, men of my life, born and unborn. The three of you are more than you’ll ever know.