Week 27 – Looking up for the stars

Missing my star, while holding a baby and waiting for another.

Looking for the stars

Week 27: the baby is the size of an armilary sphere

Every week is different during pregnancy. We are all constantly changing, especially the baby but everyone in the family. It’s been incredible, even when some weeks are more stringent for some reason. It’s always a beautiful sky, even if some darker clouds cover the stars.

This week has been particularly challenging because my husband is travelling across the globe. It’s hard to be without him, to deal with such different time zones that when one is waking up the other one is already asleep or about to. We can both look up at the sky, and the stars will be different.

I am definitely not great at dealing with the distance and with the current state of things it gets even more complicated.

I thought, being so busy, time would go by quickly, but it hasn’t. It’s strange, slow and there’s an emptiness in the house that permeates everything. He’s missing. Our child is missing him as well, feeling restless and often getting disappointed when he realises the noises outside are not daddy coming home. The boy wants cuddles and is overexcited. He needs his father. He is still too young to understand video calls, but they seem to help a little.

The other stars

Still, we are managing, spending loads of time together, talking about daddy, doing our favourite activities and experimenting with new foods and places. He is an incredible child, very smart, kind and beautiful. It will be exciting to see how the new baby will be and how they will get along. Hopefully, they will become close friends for life.

The baby seems to be doing well, particularly active at night. Every day, he’s flooded with love and care, with a dedicated moment just to visualise him as a healthy and happy person.

Next week we will get to see him at the doctor again and learn more about how he’s developing. My mother in law is also coming to visit, so that should make up for a great weekend. We haven’t met in a while and spending some time together will be an excellent joy.