Week 18: Matters

We are now adjusting to our new home, after moving into a new place. 


week 18: the baby is the size of a quirrel

A matter of time

Time to nest, as we have now moved into our new home. It has been a week of organizing things, helping the baby adjust to his new place and still get enough rest, taking care of the logistics. My husband has been taking most of the load and I am incredibly grateful for that. Still, we are all very tired while we go through this change. It has been tough. It is funny how I have thought of myself as a nomad for so long and now I am really missing my comfortable spot to really call home.  A place where I know where things are, where I can just be with my family. It makes me anxious to wake up to a dirty kitchen and have to open different boxes to find a knife to prepare breakfast or find out where the shower gel is. 

Week 18: A Matter of . Baby is the size of a squirrel

A matter of perspective

Sure, this is all a reflection of a beautiful situation: there are many boxes because we have several things. We are in this situation because we are moving to a new and fantastic home. Most of all, there is a “we”, a family that is more precious than I ever thought imaginable. All this to say that I feel I can’t complain, I don’t want to complain. It will be good though when we are more settled, and there’s more energy to focus on us and the pregnancy.  The Spring is finally arriving, the sun is coming out, and that helps. Just feeling the sun on my skin seems like an energy bar recharging quickly. Our boy also seems to be loving to spend more time outdoors, especially now that he can walk and poke at things more independently. 

A matter of space

The pregnancy is going very smoothly and very quickly. The belly is growing, and the baby is moving around, finding and creating his space. It is a magic feeling. At night, when we are in bed, and all is quiet is when I can feel him the best. We talk to each other, he is flooded with love and good wishes, and we fall asleep peacefully.  I am starting to wonder more about the delivery day and how to make it work for everyone. It’s a family moment; we should all be together. However, a hospital is not a place for our boy to be and it wouldn’t be good to have him in the delivery room. Our family is not here to stay with him. We need to either find someone that we grow to trust to stay with him or we split, and my husband stays with the boy at home while the baby and I go to the hospital. It is, at the moment, unimaginable to give birth without my man next to me, that he would miss such an incredible moment and the opportunity to welcome his new son to this world. It breaks our hearts to leave the boy behind. Anyway, we’ll find a way. We are a family, that’s what we do.