Week 38 – Ukulele

Countdown to the big day

Week 38! Wow

“Now, it’s countdown time. I am very agitated, wondering what each sign could mean, what to do and not do.” 

We had our last scheduled appointment with the doctor and it all went very well.
Both the baby and I are ready and set for birth. It could happen today or in two weeks, there’s no way of knowing for sure.
My body is now super tired, different types of pain coming at different times. All these changes are, I imagine, setting us up for the big moment.
The blood sugar levels are normal, borderline too low so all is good in that front as well.
Now, it’s countdown time. I am very agitated, wondering what each sign could mean, what to do and not do. There’s no rush for the boy to arrive but I would love to know when it will happen.
In the meantime, there’s not much to do apart from being patient. I’m so grateful that I don’t have an office to go to and pretend to work. There’s no way I could get anything done, I would piling up stress and draining precious energy. Going for a walk around the block is already a big and exhausting adventure.


My husband has been amazing and trying to give as much support as possible. It must be very tough for him, to know the baby is about to come but not feel it growing inside of him bit by bit. And there’s so much going on, at work, with us, with him… am I giving him enough support? It is incredible, though, when I see the happiness on his face and the excitement about what’s to come.
The baby, however, is active and feels very strong. He has a good size and weight and it feels like he’s enjoying his time and space in my belly.
How will it be once he’s out here in the world? Will he miss the warmth, the constant noise, the cosiness? There will be so much for him to discover!
And for the three of us to learn and explore. Ah, how could I not feel agitated? A whole new life is about to begin and the countdown is now displaying the final moments.