Week 37 – Small Pizza

Getting to the finish line

Bigger Belly, Bigger Excitement

“I hope I’ll remain calm and kind enough to be there for him. It’s the best I can do for him.” 

At this point the baby could be born and most likely be strong and healthy.
We are coming to the finish line and it’s becoming more and more real. The belly is getting bigger, more compact. The back is getting more sensitive so there’s more pain and discomfort. The pelvis is changing by the hour, tilting, expanding and pulling down.
The baby’s movements also feel different. Now it’s less about kicking and punching but more about rolling and stretching. There’s less space and more interaction.

We are here for you.

Daddy is also growing more excited and realising that this is actually happening. And so am I.
The week went by without much to report. I’ve been busy with work related things and all is ready for the baby. But, most of all, I’ve been quite tired. I move a little and that’s enough to get exhausted. No point in pushing hard but I know it’s good to move. And it does feel better after exercising a bit – regardless if it’s in the pool or going for a walk.
My mind is also tired and I can’t focus on anything for long. I keep forgetting small things and getting distracted but that’s okay. If you can’t beat them, join them. In this case, it’s better to smile at it and move on.
I’ve been reading more about delivering the baby, what to expect but it’s hard to imagine. When it happens, it happens. I trust he’ll be fine and healthy and everything will go well. I hope I’ll remain calm and kind enough to be there for him. It’s the best I can do for him.
Anyway, there is no rush. We are ready and not it’s up to the baby to decide when he wants to show up. On our side, we are eager to meet him and welcome him to this world.