Week 16 – Action Figure

Baby is the size of an Action Figure

Feeling and Mood Swings

What am I feeling?

“On top of it, it is clear the rest of the world is not getting it; obviously, a pregnant woman is just a woman with a baby bump who gets an excuse to eat ice cream whenever she wants..” 

The baby is doing great, growing and moving around quite often. It is quite a unique feeling to sense him and an ongoing source of surprise smiles. The belly is getting big and beautiful. The boy is now the size of an action figure or 10 cm.
Apart from it, I’m sleeping a lot – as in, over 10 hours each night during the weekend plus a nap or two. I have the feeling that’s how much I would sleep every night. But the routines and family rhythms that get us out of bed give a different speed to the day.


I’ve been getting annoyed and emotional these last few days. This is something that I was hoping was more of a first-trimester thing, according to the extensive babble online.
I get to worry and cry as I see a movie where one of the parents dies and the other needs to move on, raising the children alone. I get to feel disheartened at a less than enthusiastic preference for my proposed dinner options. And, of course, I get to wonder if the half a kilo I put on last week was due to the Italian dinner or due to the pregnancy.

Ranting starts.

On top of it, it is clear the rest of the world is not getting it. Obviously, a pregnant woman is just a woman with a baby bump who gets an excuse to eat ice cream whenever she wants. You say you are tired but the response is still “Of course, that’s normal, you are pregnant. Now, let’s get started on this 2h activity that requires your physical energy” or “I understand, can you just do this other thing as well?”. My favourite one is, of course, getting the advice not to be cranky. Clearly, I am “hormonal” and it’s okay to lose it – but “can you stop it now so we can all be cheery”?  Ranting ends.
It’s true, this is not a fair description of the situation. In fact, it’s not even close to reality. But it’s how it seems. And I feel tricked by all the expectations that mood swings are mostly at the beginning and end of pregnancy. I was lucky until now, with the occasional laughing and euphoric attacks. I have to say, though: mood swings towards very positive are way better. Even so, they can also be slightly inconvenient at times (as, say, when your husband is trying to sleep).

Moving on

We are now strongly considering a specific option for birth. It’s a hospital focused on “natural birth”. Then we have a more organic approach, with all the infrastructure ready to jump in, if anything goes funky. The staff at the hospital seems very caring and dedicated to the Before, During and After of Labour. We will be going there for an info session and guided tour in a couple of weeks. If all goes well, it would be great to start having an ongoing connection with them.
Baby arrangements are coming along, with some clothes and accessories already picked up. The main question is still the sleeping arrangements, after the first few months. There’s a world of options out there and it’s not clear yet what will work bests for the family.
We are moving to our new home at the end of the month and it will be amazing for the baby. The garden, the nature around it, the animals. A safe, strong and healthy place to grow up.