Week 25 – Baseball Glove

Gestational Diabetes

A bittersweet reality

“There’s a feeling of impotence and doubt to process before moving on” 


It turns out I also seem to have Gestational Diabetes. I made a Glucose Tolerance Test this morning and the results weren’t very good. I now have to be tracking the glucose levels until I have the appointment with the doctor, which is in a week and a half.
It’s not ideal. Hypothyroidism, anaemia and diabetes all make you tired. And they all mean the body is needing some help. I am just not sure how – I can’t do much about it, especially not before knowing more and meeting the doctor. Everything will be fine, but it doesn’t feel fine right now. I’ll be more positive but, right now, I’m just bummed with the news. It hurts to know that this could affect both the baby and me. And so, also my man.


There’s a feeling of impotence and doubt to process before moving on. Sure, I have to accept it, manage it and do what’s needed. It’s the kind of thing you can’t avoid or go around it – one just needs to face it and go through it. And I will, I’m confident. Today, as I get the news, I just want to crawl into a ball of warmth and let it be for a moment.

I’m sad although I can’t help but acknowledge that it’s a privilege to have access to all this medical care. It allows me to know about this issue that would otherwise stay silent. Or that I have the luxury of being tired and not having to do serious physical labour throughout the day.

Anyway, tomorrow will be better.

In the meantime, the baby seems active and to be doing very well. The preparations for his arrival are going very well and we look forward to meeting him face to face. He’s so loved, and he wasn’t even born yet.