An ode to my husband

My husband and I

There are many days where I am grateful not to be working in an office anymore. For being able to be with my baby, be a mom, build our nest and welcome my husband in the evening. It is a privilege. A wonderful privilege. It is true that sometimes I am too tired and want nothing more than going hiking or spend some time doing Pilates. Or go and take pictures. Or sit somewhere and look at the wall for 10 minutes. And most of the times I just can’t do that. Still, not for a moment, I would prefer to be working than being with my son.
And it’s easy to forget that this was a couple’s decision. I left my work and career to focus on the family while my husband would continue to work. May there be no doubts, though: Family is the highest priority for both of us. We simply figured out this was the best format for us, as a unit, to build a life we loved.
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“An act of love, like so many others.”

Being a husband

Every day, he goes to work, gives his best and then comes home and gives his best: as a husband, daddy, friend and so much more. I was looking out the window and appreciating our beautiful garden. He has been taking care of it without one complaint or request. I can’t begin to imagine the amount of research he made to find the best fertilisers, the seeds, the machines, how to trim the plants and trees… An act of love, like so many others.
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Unsang heroes. 

Caring for our home and garden.

I often tell him about how tired I am. The lack of sleep, of alone time, or dancing/jumping around to music… I’ll sigh and say that, after a long day, there are still dishes to do and dried corn to remove from the baby’s eating chair.
Yet, he also doesn’t stop, and on top of everything else, he holds me and listens to me. He stops and tries to support me the best way he can.
He is a real man. My man. And I couldn’t love him more.
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