Week 12 – Brussel Sprouts

The baby is the size of a brussel sprout!

Vertigo and changes.

It’s a boy!

“It’s official: there’s a baby coming, our family is growing and we’ll be forever changed.” 

The results from the screen test arrived last week and the genetic tests came back normal – yay!!! On top of that, we found out: it is a boy! 🙂 This is truly exciting and now we know our baby a little better.

We told our families that we are expecting a baby, that it’s a boy and all is going very well. It was fun to see the diversity of reactions. It was a clear representation of the different personalities in the family. They were all happy, though, and it felt great to tell the news and feel all the excitement from everyone. Now they know and can share the moment and anticipation for the arrival of the new boy.
We started to make the first purchases, such as a baby carrier and a stroller. It’s official: there’s a baby coming, our family is growing and we’ll be forever changed.
I can’t wait to meet our boy.
The symptoms are improving but I’m still very tired. Also, the belly is getting even more compact and it’s starting to show although maybe it’s just my eyes. The weight is still the same, though.
I had a trip last week and we will be travelling again for a few days so now I’m trying to rest as much as possible. I also restarted eating healthy, homemade meals, which has a big impact on mood and energy.

More changes

Ah, we are moving to a new place! We found a nice home and couldn’t resist it. On one hand, It is further away from the city but on the other hand, it’s a house instead of an apartment, with plenty of space for the kid to play. Plus, it’s surrounded by green and there’s a garden. We love it and it seems like a perfect setting for the kid to grow up. The moving date is November so there’s not a lot of time to prepare.
With all of these adventures – baby, training certification and moving to a new place – there’s a lot going on. So, we have plenty to think about and do, with limited time and energy. 
We need to figure out how we are going to be smart about this and manage our energy. So far, so good, though.