Week 13 – Toy Car

Emotional times

Trips, Moving, Growing

(Emotional) Changes

“Is it showing or I am getting fat? Am I tired or getting lazy? Am I hungry or finding excuses for another delicious pear?”

The last week of the third trimester. It was a little emotional with a trip to London packed with stress and anxiety. For example, one of the episodes included being evacuated from the hotel I was sleeping at. I was in a training for becoming certified on psychometric and ability tests. This will be very helpful in a coaching context.
The training was good although I was very tired and not getting enough time to recharge and be quiet. It reinforced this idea that I need to find a good balance on how I am spending time and energy. I want to be well rested so I can give what the family needs.
We started telling friends about the pregnancy. They were very happy and there was a wide range of advice, questions and wishes flowing around. It felt nice 🙂

Body Changes 

The belly is growing and stretching and it’s starting to show. I’m feeling round and big… and self-conscious. Is it showing or I am getting fat? Am I tired or getting lazy? Am I hungry or finding excuses for another delicious pear? I also fell off the waggon and ate a few sweets this week. I need to get back on track but it’s tough while on the road, where you don’t have much control on what and when to eat.
The baby is now the size of a toy car. It is a nice comparison because it reminds me of childhood when I would play with my big brother’s car collection. I would imagine the people going and returning to places, their lives and stories. I would create roads, provoke accidents and rescues, love stories and adventures with those cars. It was the world I could dig into and stay immersed for quite a while, as everything around me would temporarily disappear.

Life Changes

Speaking of adventures, we are making some progress about moving to a house. We found new tenants for our apartment, we have a move in date to the new place… but no contract yet, which is making us a bit nervous. Time is running out and a series of postponements is adding pressure. We then have to rush through things and say yes to the new place. Still, we are positive that we want to move there and it’s a great choice for the growing family. Fingers crossed, we won’t get extra drama on the way.
Autumn is coming, the temperatures are decreasing and the colours are turning warm and red. It’s time for cinnamon, pumpkin and baked apples…! Each year I seem to like this season more and more. It brings a cosy feeling that now is particularly fitting with the nesting mood.