Week 10: Ferrero Rocher – Fast or Feast

1 Chocolate, 2 babies, 3 pastries, 4 hours sleep, 5 days without my husband.

Fast or Feast

Week 10: Baby is now the size of a ferrero rocher

Not a Feast

My husband is travelling again. Hopefully, it will be the last trip for a while. To make matters worse, he’s in Israel and on the day he was flying there some tension rose up, with drones and trucks being shot down at the border with Syria. I hope things don’t escalate over there and that he is safe. May he come back home safe and well, very soon.

As if on cue, my baby boy started acting out with his naps again. On top of that, his second tooth is poking out, he’s tired, growing up and not sure how to accommodate all of this.

Week 10: Fast of Feast. The baby is the size of a Ferrero Rocher

Me? I still can’t still for more than an hour for no apparent reason. Also, I am tired, a bit nauseous and dizzy. But otherwise, things are excellent. I am drinking loads of water and tea which is supposed to help.

Fast or Feast

Sweets are at the top of my list. Maybe because I am tired, I seem to be looking for extra energy from food. Chocolates, cookies (which I never really cared about) and pastries are suddenly extremely appealing. I have feasted on them for a couple of days, only to feel sorry for it and almost fast afterwards. Total nonsense.

The thing is, I wanted something for my pleasure. These days, having less support, it’s been tough. It doesn’t matter if you are nauseous: you don’t get to change any fewer diapers or cook any fewer meals. Feeling sick or tired and just need to lay down for a bit? It is just not going to happen: the baby is calling you now. Is your back hurting? Tough luck: you need to hold him cause he just got scared with a bump. Is frustration building up?

Not so Fast

Guess what: the window just broke, and now you can’t close it – and it’s snowing outside. I am painting it as a particularly harsh day, but you see the point. I needed a little break and couldn’t have it. But I could have a delicious piece of fruit or croissant and have that short moment of – “here you go, this is for you. Enjoy”. And so I did, but it’s over now. It’s not healthy, and there are better ways to deal with it. If nothing else, going outside and walk for a bit in the fresh air: a bit of exercise, a change of air and both the baby and I get to enjoy Nature.

So now I am trying to be more aware of what I am eating. Still having some pastry (bread, croissant) because if my body is asking for it, maybe I need it. But I am taking it easy and prioritising proteins and veggies. We have buddied up today and will be having baked asparagus and sweet potato – just the baby and I. That’s a much better feast – yurray to baby finger food.

The pregnancy seems to be going well and fast. Sometimes, the baby and I talk, and those moments are magic. We are starting to connect a bit more. It will be great to start feeling him/her moving around. It makes everything so much more real.