Week 19 – Hedgehog

What a week!

Everything at once

A spiky week

A trip to London, 5h Pilates workouts, a final certification exam, hitting my face against a wall, my dad’s visit and catching a cold – it was a fully packed week.

This was a packed week: I had a trip to London, with 5 hour long Pilates workouts. I also went through a final certification exam. To top things up, I hit my face against a wall, my dad came to visit and I caught a cold.
It was intense, exhausting and I learned a lot. It was great to finally get the Psychometrics certification. This enables me to use a whole set of valuable Personality and Ability tools in coaching. I’m quite excited about this.
The Pilates training was also very good. There were several long workouts pushing me hard. On top of it all, I got to observe an outstanding instructor working on her clients. I was fortunate enough to stay at her home, enjoy her family hospitality and delicious food. It was quite generous of her and I learned a lot this week.


With all this, the change of weather and sleep deprivation, I ended up catching a persistent cold. My husband caught it as well so now we are both quite tired. We are trying not to feel overwhelmed by everything we still need to sort out after we moved to this new wonderful home.
My dad also came for the weekend – it was the first time we meet since he learned I was pregnant and that I am not working. It was very good to talk to him again, share some experiences and catch up on everything. It’s also exciting to see his high level of energy, particularly when he travels, and how thirsty he is for life 🙂
The baby is clearly growing and moving. My body keeps changing and I’m still getting mood and energy swings every now and then. With the cold, the tendency has been to get quite tired again. Still, I am grateful with all the accomplishments.
The baby is now the size of a hedgehog, a wonderful comparison. It reminds me of the hedgehog paradox. It describes how you want to be near others for warmth but if you get too close, then you end up hurting one another. Given the tiredness and emotions, it was challenging to keep my balance. Finding time for silence and quiet was sought out as a treasure, not always successfully.