Week 27 – Lamp

Pregnancy Challenges

Week 27, it’s growing!

“There are these flash moments when it’s real, acutely real and overwhelming.” 

Emotional Challenges

The baby is now the size of a camping lamp or something like 14,5 inches and 37 cms. He’s big! This week, with the new year and having the husband at home there was more interactions between daddy and son.

There’s still some time for the next appointment when we get to know more about how he’s progressing and if all is on track for birth. Because he will be born. I know, this might sound very obvious but it hasn’t been that obvious to me. Sure, he is kicking and growing, we have been chatting and feeling each other. The pregnancy has been a huge part of my life. I can feel him and his presence is very clear and intense. Yet, the idea that I will be giving birth to him and then he’ll be out in the world is only starting to scratch the surface of my emotional fabric. There are these flash moments when it’s real, acutely real and overwhelming. And then they fade away to a more romantic, peaceful awareness that we’ll be a family of three and a wonderful baby will be joining us.

Physical Challenges

At a more physical level, it was a week of challenges. There has been some extra dizziness, I’m still quite tired and have headaches every now then. Otherwise, it’s just wonderful to see the belly growing, feeling it moving and kicking. I’ve been lucky so far with sleep and different body pains – touch wood! – and it feels like things are going smoothly.

There’s, of course, the gestational diabetes and anaemia but I’m doing what I can and trying to stress less about it. There will be more to discuss next week, with yet another doctor visit. Patience. This is a good practice for patience and it’s going to be okay.

In moments of more anxiety, I just rub my belly and sooth the baby – remembering that he’s there and this is all to bring him home makes it all so much better.

I can’t wait to meet our son – may he be healthy and strong!