Week 5 – now for real

The baby is now the size of a pinto snail. I am still not quite believing that I am pregnant again. Yet, nausea, tiredness and mood swings are helping a little to make it real.

Is this real?

Week 5: Slow realisation

My baby is keeping me quite busy, and we are hunting for a new place to live. A lot is going on and days are going by very quickly. Also, we wished for another child, and so the possibility that our dream is coming true seems just overwhelming.

It is a confusing place to be: is this happening? Is it too soon to be throwing fireworks and celebrating? How will our first baby adapt? How are we going to adjust?

In the meantime, my body is getting ready: nausea, tiredness, stiff back and mood swings make it clear a lot is happening to bring this baby to life.

Week 5 pregnancy: baby size of snail

I have slowly restarting doing visualisation. It worked wonders during the first pregnancy, and it just feels right and loving to be wishing this baby to be healthy, strong, content. May we be able to enable the childhood he needs to be happy and fulfilled.

In the meantime, my husband will be travelling for work. It’s going to be very tough for all of us. During a health issue he had recently, he spent a lot of time with the baby. And then he went back to work and now he’ll be away for a week. We will be both miss him and I think he will as well. 

The love in this family keeps expanding beyond anything I could have ever imagined. For that, I am profoundly grateful and can only try to nourish every day.