Week 33 – Puppy

Energy shifting


Bigger Belly, Bigger Excitement

“When I finally got home, there was this moment of surrender that felt magical.” 

It was an emotionally intense week. I had what was clearly the worse day of my pregnancy so far. Suddenly all sort of symptoms constellated in a bad way. It was rough. 

The air was suddenly heavy, stuffy and lacking oxygen. The energy bar was discharging very quickly. I got a headache, felt uneasy and it was getting hard to breathe. Then, nausea. Was I going to throw up right there, in front of others? Or a bit later, in the middle of the street? Then, I had some contractions. The baby was moving, kicking my ribs, further squeezing my lungs and pushing my pelvis in all sort of ways. I started feeling light-headed and getting tunnel vision. It could have been a drop in the blood pressure. It was nasty. Of course, I got exhausted and I  just wanted to teletransport myself to bed. Preferentially in the dark and absolute silence. 

When I finally got home, there was this moment of surrender that felt magical. Lying in bed and letting my body feel and do whatever it needed. And I fell asleep like a rock and slept a lot. Things got better in the morning, much better. In fact, since then, my energy levels have improved. The iron levels are normal again and the mood has been quite good these days. 

Above all, I’ve been feeling good and enjoying the pregnancy. Soon, our son will be here and he’s coming with the Spring. It just feels uplifting somehow.

My husband and I went to the birth preparation class, at the hospital. This was good to reassure us and confirm some of our ideas and opinions. We also got some bits of good information that we didn’t have before. It’s hard to tell if we are ever going to be more prepared than we are now, without knowing what’s it going to be like.  Still, we are positive and excited about the birth and looking forwards to meeting our boy. 
The baby seems to be doing very well, moving a lot and interacting with his daddy. I’m very grateful that things are moving smoothly.

Body Energy

The blood sugar levels are under control so I’m less worried about diabetes. I’ll continue checking and being cautious but it’s time to relax a little. The energy level is higher and, although I have some pain in the pelvis, things are pretty good. Next week, there will be another doctor’s appointment. By then, we’ll get to know more about how the baby is doing and if he’s getting too big or not. I’m confident!
Also, soon we will celebrate our first wedding anniversary. It’s hard to believe how fast this year went by. Each day I am more grateful and amazed with the man who became my life partner. I am looking forwards to celebrating – in a more concrete way than everyday life – the amazing gift we created for ourselves
Love really pulls us forward. And there’s a lot of love moving us forward.