Week 32 – Bento Box

Excitement and Worries

Week 32! Bento Box

“It would be nice to put this topic in its own corner, separated from the others, and just enjoy the good state of things. ” 

We just came back from the doctor and both mother and baby are doing very well. We had the screenings, saw the gorgeous baby and everyone is happy with how things are going.

The baby is getting a bit big which, combined with Diabetes, might mean he’ll be born before the 40 weeks. I am slightly worried about that. Although it’s normal and common, I still hope the baby will choose his own birthday, not us, not anyone else.

Anyway, we’ll do what is best for him and it’s too soon to think about it. Except I can’t avoid thinking about it 🙂 It would be nice to put this topic in its own corner, separated from the others, and just enjoy the good state of things. 

He’s now the size of a Bento Box, with all its compartments to keep the delicious Japanese food organised and separated. I want to focus on doing the same with my thoughts today. I will try to put the birth worries in the very small soy sauce compartment, the appreciation for the moment in the big square, and everything else in its own space. 

Getting a taste for it

The back of my pelvis is starting to ask for some extra attention. This provokes some sharp and intense pains every now and then, probably pinching a nerve. To help with that, stretching, Pilates and TRX are being very useful. On the other hand, sitting for a bit is enough to bring it back. Anyway, there’s a baby growing and requiring more space – it seems reasonable that there will be some extra pressure on the pelvis.

Patience and acceptance. These are two of the many good lessons I’m taking during this pregnancy. 

As for the rest, things are mostly ready. On top of all the arrangements, my husband and I are attending a birth preparation class on Monday. I am curious about it because I am not sure how much one can actually prepare for something they have no idea how it’s going to be like. Because no matter how many classes I attend and books I read, I simply have no clue. It’s going to happen and I have to trust my body has all the wisdom on how to do it. Either way, it will be good to know the hospital better, get some tips and maybe find out more about the post-birth. How will the baby adjust to a totally new world? And to a constantly changing body of his own? It’s gotta be mind-bending – but hey, his brain is actually changing a lot too – and by the minute!

There are very exciting times ahead of us. While I am not in any hurry and want to enjoy each day before the birth, I am also looking forward to meeting this amazing person face to face.