In the mood for ideas

A mind stretched by an idea can never return to its original dimensions.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


It’s a great quote. And a hopeful one, too.

I’ve been coming up with different ideas, many of them currently disconnected from the others. Some are related to coaching, others to being a mom, most to having an impact in other people’s lives. Also, there’s a wish to bring goodness and beauty to the world. And to savouring moments and being happy with what is and fighting for what could be. 

Maybe, at some point, all these ideas will connect and mean something else, something more significant. It almost seems like an adventure that is about to begin. I have to start gathering the cues and making sense out of them.

Perhaps I’ll connect the dots eventually. That realisation seems full of energy, of momentum. Like something you don’t hesitate on; you simply go for it. There’s no option, or at least you don’t even consider not acting on it. 

What if that doesn’t happen? What if, with time, all these dots fade away into nothing? Will it still have been worth it? Nurturing and seeding these imaginative thoughts? Would my mind return to its original dimensions? Would it just create an empty, wasted, corner of lost dreams? It’s scary even to consider the latter. Space where bitterness can accumulate and let you be sour towards life. I don’t want to look back on life and think “If only…”, “things don’t work that way…”, “ah, look at what they did! That was my idea…”. Maybe I would even pass that to my son and therefore make him less of a dreamer and an optimist. Nah, I don’t want that. 

Would it be better not to think about any of this, then? And, as a result, let it be, merely enjoy my cup of tea and the rain outside? What’s more, allow the stillness to take over, embrace a stoic perspective on things, and don’t move anything.

No, there’s more to life than that. Then, for sure, I’d look back and think “Oh, if only…!” I will enjoy my cup of tea, the rain outside, and let both fuels my imagination. There’s a wealth of possibilities out there. And, most importantly, there’s a wealth of options in here. 

Therefore, I shall keep these ideas bubbling up freely; eventually, they will come together. If they take me on a new journey, so be it; if not, they have been the journey in themselves. 


Nothing is lost nothing is created everything is transformed.

-Antoine Lavoisier