Week 29 – Pineapple

Wellbeing and Pregnancy

Wellbeing, being there

“We have a direct phone line that is always open.” 

 It was quite a busy week, with plenty to do with Coaching and Assessments. I have been a bit nervous about it but it has been good to be so busy with work.

It’s a good reminder that it’s really good to give to others and be focused on others for your own well-being. Being so interested in getting things (well) done for the benefits of others was great. It got out of my own mind for a bit and freed myself up from my own worries. Once you go back to those worries, you have a new perspective and feel much lighter about it.

Research after research shows that being a part of a community and doing volunteer work. For example, it can be a great way to fight ailments such as depression. I’m not surprised.


With all this, while I have been testing my blood several times a day and checking my diet, I didn’t get to worry and stress too much about diabetes.

The baby is doing well, growing and kicking more than ever. He’s amazing and it just feels great to sit down sometimes and just feel the belly. I feel like we are always talking although not using too many words. It’s like we have a direct phone line that is always open. Maybe it is just in my mind, but it feels very real.

Being pregnant has definitely been an amazing experience so far and I’m just so amazed at what Biology has come up to bring us to life.