Kick off MBTI for teams

Yesterday, I facilitated a session for a group of these talented, high performer people. They had just become a team and was still feeling the space but you could already see some really interesting dynamics raising up.

The goal was to bring them closer to becoming a team. And for that, we used MBTI, which raises awareness. Awareness about yourself, your own personality, and about others, making it easier to work together.

It was challenging to prepare for it, the first time I actually facilitated MBTI for a group instead of individually. There were a lot of new materials to prepare and, most of all, I had to find the right frame of mind to show up with the necessary energy and confidence. In the end, it went very well and it was helpful to the group.

Surely, one session is not enough to transform a team. More sessions should follow, with other tools, other conversations. It’s important to provide an ongoing support, on well timed moments and milestones but also to have a sticky presence, if not routine, that enables each person in the group ingrain what was learned and discovered. Still, it is a start and a very good one.

MBTI is clearly a good tool for this kind of things although it’s just one of many frameworks that helps a conversation get started. It gives you a set of concepts and vocabulary that you can then easily share with others. Besides, there really is a lot of awareness coming to the table. I remember how useful it was for me, finding out my own type and that of those I was working with. It gave meaning to a lot of interactions I didn’t really understand. It made things more clear in my mind.

After the session, I got even more excited about the idea of Coaching and pushing forward with my own business. This is real, I know how to do it, it’s helpful and extremely gratifying work. This is definitely worth pursuing and I hope I continue to do this soon.