Week 30 -Helmet

It’s cold outside.


Week 30! Shivers

“I’m too vulnerable out there. My chest is on fire. It’s cold outside.” 

There’s a warm re-heated soup by my side. It’s salty. There’s no one in the house except for me and the baby. The baby is kicking, he wants more space and is enjoying his place in my belly.

I went for a walk but it was cold outside. In my belly it’s warm and cosy so he was comfortable and happy.

As the week comes to an end, I try to summarise it. There was work, there was giving. I learned new things, had new experiences. Got excited. And the blood sugar results are fine – the Diabetes is under control at the moment.

The baby seems to be doing great. His movements and kicks are getting stronger and bigger, more frequent. We talk a lot, or so I feel. His room is almost ready, his home almost ready for him, as much as it is possible when you don’t really know how it will be like. He seems so strong. May he be healthy, wonderful, strong and happy. May he love and be loved. And have a thirst for life and chase dreams.

The baby is the size of a helmet. I wish I had a helmet now. I’m too vulnerable out there. My chest is on fire. It’s cold outside.