Week 8 – Bitter Sweet

We met our baby again! The three of us went to the doctor and had an ultrasound. We could see the baby, now much bigger: you could clearly distinguish the head, the belly and even his spine. Or hers 🙂 Everything seems to be going well. Our baby, though, has been having a tough time napping again. The fighting is exhausting for both of us. What does he need?

Bitter Sweet: Bitter Sleep, Sweet Dreams

Week 8: the baby is the size of a peanut M&M

What a week!  Our unborn baby is growing quickly and beautifully. You could clearly see several parts of the body and the baby was moving, swimming around. It was magical.  The three of us got very excited and happy. This is happening, the family is growing.

Just like last time, we want to make a genetic test to make sure everything is well with the baby. We are very fortunate to be able to do this: it will ease our minds, get to know more about the baby and even find out if it’s a boy or a girl. It will be a few weeks before we can do it so there’s still a it of waiting and imagining to do.

Week 8: Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sleep

Our baby was sleeping beautifully, like a clock.  Even if I was still not sleeping enough it was amazing to see him sleep well and be in a good rhythm and pace. But, suddenly, the clock went out the window. He will block any attempts to have his first nap and fight throw the second. He’s tired and gets clumsy, falling and getting hurt more often. The last few days, we’ve been spending hours in the dark, wasting our patience, energy and time. It’s almost as if you could hear him say “Shouldn’t we be playing instead”? I hear you, honey, but we need rest.   

I wonder if he’s feeling something is different, if it’s time to transition to just one nap a day (but he is too young….) or if it’s his teeth. Or maybe his sleeping needs are just changing a bit and I need to find that sweet spot. Like this, I feel bitter when we spend so much time like that; he’s sweet and kind and happy and wonderful. But these moments make him unhappy. And, in consequence, they make me unhappy. 

It makes me wonder if I am being a good mom, or if he’s getting everything he needs. And if I am not being able to be a good mom of one, I will be a terrible mom of two? Nah, we need to turn this around. What could possibly be happening? In the meantime, extra doses of sweetness seem to be in order. Nothing beats bitter like bits of honey. 

An update as we close the week: his first tooth cut through. What an excitement! The first tooth feels like a great milestone, the beginning of a new chapter for foods and biting. So far, he couldn’t care less 🙂 Let’s see what happens when he finds out what he can do with it!