Week 22: Sun & Sunflowers

Enjoying the sun, the good moments and noticing some worries growing stronger.


Week 22: The baby is now the size of a bunch of sunflowers

The sun is back!

Ah, how delicious to feel the sun on your skin and spend more time with my baby and belly outside, enjoying the fresh air, seeing other children and moms and just embracing Nature.

Spring is wonderful. The flowers are now in full blossom everyone; there’s a cover of yellow pollen over everything. It is heartbreaking to think of a friend and so many others that need to stay locked at home, suffering severely from allergies. One more small reason to be grateful for having such a healthy family.

Following the sun

To top it off, it was mother’s day on Sunday, and we got to celebrate it. Our family went for brunch at a lovely park, and we had quite some fun eating delicious foods, enjoying the views and being amazed at how quickly our boy is learning to eat by himself.   My husband spent the whole day trying to give me space to relax, rest and enjoy the moment. No words or requests were necessary. He’s awesome like that. In all fairness, he tries to do this whenever he can but that day especially so. Of course, with the hormones going wild, the happiness, the tiredness I ended up tearing up with his care.

The pregnancy keeps going well, although falling asleep is getting harder. I am quite tired by the time I get to bed, but thousands of thoughts and worries start popping up. The main ones remain constant: what to do on the delivery day, with regards to our big boy and what kind of support will we need once we are a family of four. It feels like these matters are both are urgent and important, but it’s still unclear what to do. Every day it feels like different approaches would work best. In reality, we don’t know how it will be, and maybe that’s what’s behind all of these emotions. 

No matter what, the sunflowers will rotate in the right direction, getting the most energy possible. They follow the sun by design and without anything forcing them or without any particular resistance. We can only wish that our instincts will also guide us in making the best decisions for our family. In the meantime, let’s soak in the warm sun and smile in awe at this amazing life.