Week 26 Underwater

Feeling underwater with the pregnnacy, toddler and physical challenges mark this week, full of emotions. 

Feeling underwater.

Week 26: The baby is the size of an aquarium


Oh, what can I say? I am glad this week is over and hopefully, things will get better soon. While it has been wonderful to connect more with my baby, these days have been tighter. It has been hard to fall asleep and stay asleep making me extra tired. The dizziness is back, a bit of nausea and pure lack of strength on my muscles. My iron levels seem to be low, and I need to up my water intake. Oh, and get some rest – always a great idea. It has been too hot to be outside for long. Both the boy and I get restless after a bit under the hot sun, sweaty and I get a headache. I am tired and tired of being tired.


The best relief so far, for both the boy and me, has been to be in the water. Tub, pool, anything. It cools us down, he has a blast, and I feel a bit lighter. Storms in the evening make it harder to sleep but the water pouring down is very much welcomed. I wish it would wash my worries away. The reality, however, is that we are still working for childcare help during the delivery and after the baby joins our family. It’s becoming stressful to think about it as time goes by and we are no closer to a solution.

To top it off, my husband is travelling across the globe next week. The few people I mentioned this to replied with “but how are you going to take care of the baby the whole time by yourself?” or “…but then you’ll be alone pregnant and with a kid the whole time?”. I understand the sentiment and the sympathy. Indeed, taking care of things without my husband’s fantastic support will be harder. There is also an increased risk being alone if something happens.


However, that is not what moves me the most at the moment. It’s the fact that this man is my companion and our son’s companion. He has become my home and now I will be homeless again, even if just for a little while. If that wasn’t enough, distance brings out the worst in us, or at least in me. I don’t like it when we are apart like this, not one bit. I miss him already. But, so it shall be, and we’ll get through it.