Week 25: Forwards and Towards

Smooth sailing forwards as I get more involved and connected to others. The more you give, the more you get – at least this week. 

Forwards and Towards

Week 25: the baby is now the size of a  lamp

Looking Forwards

All and all, it was a soft week. It was good to get back into a sense of rhythm after a more intense and emotional few days. The pregnancy is feeling good, the emotions are steadier and the days are flying by. Sleeping is still challenging, as the weather keeps getting warmer and the belly bigger. Still, things are pleasant, and I am enjoying our days.

Moving Towards

I’ve also come across an initiative to increase Breastfeeding in South Africa. The rates there are meagre. I got carried away and sent a message asking if they needed help. Surprisingly, they came back and said yes. This opportunity is stimulating, and I am already trying to come up with promotion ideas, apart from the obvious Google advertising campaign, given my experience. It feels meaningful to contribute towards this cause and to have the potential to influence more babies having a great start in life with the very best nutrition (emotional, physical and otherwise) that Nature has to offer: breast milk. 

The week was also an important one for my man at work and I was able to support him a little. It is a pleasure to do things together, even when it is related to  his job. We are a great team, in all areas and when we do these things we get another clear evidence of it. All and all, this week was good to feel more fulfilled and useful to others. Of course, nothing beats being a mom. The reality, for me, is that when I also do other things for other people and get their feedback and appreciation, I also feel more confident and energised around my boy and towards my pregnancy. Something to keep in mind, looking forwards.