Week 16: Baby Panda

An adorable week, connecting with the family. At the same time, a lot going on as we are in the final days before moving to new home. 


Week 16: The baby is now the size of a baby panda

…And they are just incredibly adorable.

The baby is undoubtedly growing, and we seem to be in a good flow with the pregnancy. The symptoms are getting better, and I even feel a bit more of energy. It helps a lot that the boy has now fully transitioned (fingers crossed) to one nap and gives us both some time to rest in the middle of the day.

It feels so natural and luxurious at the same time to just take a nap. I need it, clearly, and feel so much better once I woke up. It also feels like it is how it is supposed to be, somehow, as if that is how our bodies were programmed to do. Still, in the midst of everything there is to do, and how busy I and everybody else is, it feels almost naughty to stop and sleep.

Week 16 The baby is the size of an adorable baby panda


An adorable family

Anyway, the baby and I have been connecting more and more, especially has the belly keeps growing. We are starting to narrow down some names, which somehow help feeling closer to the baby. Daddy is also starting to talk more to the baby, which just makes me melt, completely in love with this man. 

Our boy turned one year old and we are completely surrounded to him: this child has grown so happy, strong and beautiful that is just beyond my imagination. He has also shown me how to love someone immensely, in a whole new way. He has transformed all of us and made us a family. I can’t wait to find out how our new baby will change us all.

An adorable new home

 In the meantime, the rest of world. We are moving to our new home this week. Cleaning, packing, selling furniture, getting groceries, figuring out what to keep or give away… it is just a lot of things to do. One thing is clear: we are not light packers anymore. Long is the time where I would just take a small backpack with me and that would be more than enough to travel for two weeks in India. Now, there’s a whole set of logistics to take care of, with precise timings and considerations. 

Of course, it is totally worth it. Still, I am looking forward to trimming down and decluttering as we settle in and transfer the new place in our home: a nest to unite us, to refresh, rest and explore the world.