Week 32: Cheesy week

A week of new flavours and beginings, ramping up for the big day.

Cheese and new flavours

Week 32: The baby is now the size of a cheese wheel

It is probably time to make a disclaimer. While I often look for baby size comparisons for the week, it is clear that sometimes they are too dull or completely random (the baby is the size of a paper plane?). So, now and then I came up with my own. This week is one of those times: there are cheese wheels of all sizes, so there’s got to be one that is approximately similar to the size of a 32-week old baby.

In the end, the baby has his own size, and any comparison falls short of his uniqueness. So, this week, we are going with cheese. It’s delicious; it exists in all flavours, smells, textures and looks. And you can eat them by themselves or find those fantastic food & drink combinations… oh, but I digress. Or maybe these are cravings? Just in case, I’ll get some cheese and continue writing. At least, it’s better than sweets, right?


New Flavours – Fresca Mozarella

A friend of ours brought some fresca mozzarella cheese from Italy, and we got to eat it for dinner. I had never tasted it before, and it was utterly delicious. We all loved it, and I realised I had actually never eaten the real thing before.

Our boy had to move into a new place to sleep at night because the window rollers broke and it was too light, noisy and hot all the time. It turns out the new spot is actually better for everyone, and he adjusted to it fairly quickly.

More importantly, we started having a nanny coming in a few hours per week to spend some time with our boy. Now they get to bond, and once his little brother arrives, she’ll be able to help us all while we enter our new family phase. They seem to really like each other, and she seems to be great.

It is still a bit weird to have someone come and help, but now it’s not the time to refuse support. The reality is that we don’t have our families here, which would make everything very different. So, we are giving this a try and the first impressions are very positive. Of course, I feel a bit jealous when I see them play but it’s for the best and it’s healthy for him to develop new relationships.

As my husband keeps reminding me, there will be many people in his life, but there’s only one mommy. And only one daddy, I like to add – and what a fantastic dad.


In the meantime, some mould is building up around the issue of support during delivery. We keep going back and forth finding a solution that would mean we all have some peace of mind and our boy is well taken care of while we welcome our new baby to the family. It’s fine; we’ll get there – it’s just starting to make me anxious to even think about it. We have a half-baked solution, and we are going to make it work.


We also went for a family hike in the mountains. Enjoying the fresh air, nature and beautiful views was terrific. My man got to make some Morse communications over radio, our boy to explore the flowers, birds and stones, and I got to enjoy it all, rest and get some exercise. These moments are so valuable. It renews energy while bringing us closer together. We get to forget about any worries and appreciate the green spaces and each other’s company.

Soon, it will be four of us, discovering more hidden treasures in this country. The pregnancy is going very well, and the baby is becoming more present during the day. There are more and brand-new symptoms, not particularly good ones, but it’s a sign that he will be joining us soon and everything will have a new flavour. I am really looking forward to meeting him and wonder when he’ll decide to make an appearance. This is all very exciting if a little surreal sometimes.