Week 36- Tick Tack

Time to enjoy, to look back, to look forward.

Time Flies

Week 36: The baby is now the size of an hourglass

Time Flies

An excellent week, although intense. The baby is quite active, my body feels heavy, and my hands and feet started getting swollen during the night. While I am still as tired as ever, I am very excited about the big day.

As of next week, the baby will be considered near-term, meaning that he would most likely be in good shape if he is born. A relief and a milestone that I am looking forward to.

We went to another doctor’s appointment to track his growth. Last time he seems to be getting too big, which could result in having to ask him to be born a bit early given I have gestational diabetes. However, the news couldn’t have been better: he is very much on track, looking sharp and healthy. Ufff.

The last stage of the pregnancy, with all of this heat and no time for anything, is not exactly easy but I really wish for the baby to be the one deciding when to come. Maybe his birth happen whenever he feels ready.

Time to Adjust

In the meantime, my man is trying to be more and more supportive and baking bread and yoghurt almost daily. That stuff is basically Love, and Care turned into food. On top of it all, it is delicious, healthy and a handy couple of options to snack on at any time. Because he makes the bread with the best hand-picked ingredients, my sugar levels actually remain stable.

Our boy has been reacting to the changes: the weather, my family visit, the adjustments in the routine, having more time with daddy. It is a good reminder that he needs his structure and predictability. Something to keep very present once the new baby comes. True, everything will change, but we want to aim at keeping him involved in everything, knowing what’s going to happen next. A true challenge as we, the parents, will not know either for a while.

Unforgettable Times

It will be amazing to figure it out together and grow as a family. I am so grateful. In years from now, we will probably look back at this time in life, filled with fondness and nostalgia. There’s no rush – for now, let’s live this time in life, with fondness and excitement.