Week 12: My Passion Fruit is a boy!

A lot of passion, sweat and tears this week. The highlight is, of course, getting positive results from the genetic screening of the baby! On top of it, we got to know a bit more about the baby: it’s a boy! I will be surrounded by men, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

It’s a boy

Week 12: The baby is now the size of a Passion Fruit

The passion fruit


The week was quite intense, a bit too much, leaving me quite tired at this point.

But first, the big news: we got the results from the Harmony test, which lets us know about the main possible genetic issues and the baby is looking great. We also got to know the gender and it is a boy. Two boys in the house, hopefully, two close friends and buddies for life. 

We are very happy to get to know more about our baby and adding more reality to this dream of a new baby joining and transforming our family. Wow. 


With all these great news, it is hard to complain. The baby is now the size of a passion fruit, and that is pretty amazing and mind-blowing.

Still, it was a tough week. I have gestational diabetes and low functioning thyroid, both making me extra tired. The baby is now transitioning from two naps to one. This stage means that one is not enough, making him too tired, and two is too much, making him fight and fight against it all. It’s exhausting, and I think none of us loves it. Moreover, I worry about the stress this induces on all three of us. But, bit by bit, things are getting better and I know we’ll get through this one. I just need extra patience and energy, none of which are unusually low at the moment.


What is high at the moment is my level of hormones, making me cry at the smallest things. It comes and goes, but it’s very confusing. And the dizziness is not helping. Oh, now it seems like I am complaining. Am I? Maybe a little. In the end, though, I know this is something marvellous and life is incredible. I wish, though, I had more energy to appreciate it.

We are moving to a new home, and the preparations are going full steam. What to keep, donate, sell, recycle. How to transport things? How to make the transition smooth for the baby? Which will be his room?  It’s time to look at our insurances and see what makes sense. A lot to do and think about. It is crazy to think that in a month, we’ll be in a new home, in a few months, we will be a family of four.

No Sweat

In the meantime, we are taking a break and going away for a few days next week. It should be a beautiful place, and it will be exciting to explore a new surrounding and relax a little. There’s childcare there so we might try it with the baby there for a bit to see how it goes – a new adventure, as he has always been with me, his dad or both. I am not feeling any pressure or have any expectations but rather a curiosity to see how he responds. In many ways, he is incredibly autonomous and independent – maybe it will be much easier on him than on us, his parents.

Passion and lots of Sweat!

As a final note for the week, the Pilates machine has finally arrived. A few months late and dropped in the middle of the street but, hey, it’s here! Now we invited a friend over to help us mount it and have dinner together. I am very excited to see how that goes and to start doing Pilates again. If there are time and energy, the whole experience and exercises will be shared here.

So, quite a roller coaster, lots of passion, love and tears. Here’s to health and happiness!