Week 31: Wishes

Good wishes coming true, appreciating an amazing family and looking forwards to welcoming a new baby.

Good wishes do come true

Week 31: Baby is now the size of a birthday cake

Wishes coming true

Great news: our baby seems to be doing great. What was maybe a severe health issue has sorted itself out, and the baby is showing all signs of being healthy and robust. 

It’s a huge lift off of our shoulders. Out of all wishes we can have, a healthy family is definitely at the core of everything. We are thrilled. 

As the delivery day comes closer, we are getting even more excited about welcoming our new boy to the family. 

The pregnancy is going by very quickly, and it’s hard to imagine there are two months left before we have a new baby in our home. 

Are we ready?

There’s still a lot to prepare but overall, yes. Mostly, as a feeling. Sure, there are still moments of panic – how are we going to find the energy and time to adapt and give everyone a loving home? But we’ll make it work. We are a loving home already. 

We also had a trial afternoon with a nanny today. She and our boy get along well, and she seems to be a good fit for us. It’s strange and exciting to see this happening. We are barely getting to know each other, and she’s bonding and taking care of our child – I am always there, like a hawk, but it feels like we’ll naturally relax into the idea of having more significant support in place for our family. We are expecting this help to be just for a few hours per week. That should already allow for some flexibility when something is needed, even if that is only a nap for mummy or daddy. That’s the wish, anyway.


Warm wishes

In the meantime, it’s getting harder and harder than ever to sleep, as the heat goes up and the belly keeps growing. It’s hard to find a position because the kicks and movements are getting stronger and more frequent, especially at night. Maybe I am also a bit anxious or just too tired to be sleepy. Either way, I am trying not to get too frustrated about it – there’s not much I can do at this point and soon I’ll be sleeping in bite sizes during the day, anyway.

Apart from wishes that the weather cools down and the nights get smoother, mindfulness and meditation have been helping a lot.

It is interesting how things that you pick up here and there, knowledge and interests, come together, later on in life. They end up supporting you in other situations. Who would have guessed years ago, that fainting in the street would lead me to Pilates and meditation, which would help me through my first pregnancy and now through the second one?

Now, who knows how our current experiences will influence our lives in the future? I can only wish they will help us stay strong, healthy and happy together.