Fizzy water! Oh yeah, nothing so far is more helpful with the nausea. Here I was, always shying away from carbonated water, which feels and tastes like medicine to me. I never got the appeal and, here it is, helping me throughout the day. The little joys and achievements of early pregnancy, I guess.

I am trying to stay positive, and usually it’s fine but there are moments I think of that popular song that says “I’m sick and tired of always being sick and tired”. It’s a bit exhausting and it would be nice to have a different answer to give my honey when he comes home and asks me how I am.

Apart from this, things are very good. I’m as happy as I could be for not having to go to work, dealing with the standing, the stress and constant pressure to perform at your best, when all you want is to sit down and avoid fainting or fall asleep.

We are considering moving to a new place, so it’s nice for a family setting, where the kids would be able to grow enjoying the outdoors and a safe, green area. Still, we really like it here and there are budget considerations. We’ll keep our eyes open and see what we can find.

I remember playing outside growing up, some times by myself, some times with other kids. It was fun and creative. In some areas, if not many, it would now be considered negligence or insanity to leave your kid playing outside. The child might be kidnapped, car hit, or who knows what else. If we can find a place with some grass and space to explore safely, it would be amazing. Being Zurich, the default is pretty safe and there are always green spaces relatively close so I am hopeful.

The baby is now the size of a 2×2 lego brick. That’s tiny and adorable 🙂 We had an ultrasound and things are looking very good, with 16mm, growing in the right place, a huge head and an “almost-heart” beating super fast. It was just magical to see it on the screen and get to know our baby a bit better. It really is a cliche but, boy or girl, I really wish and hope the baby will be very healthy.

This first real appointment was a bit intense. Not only we had the ultrasound but there was this initial discussion with an overview of everything that can go wrong, what can be tested for and so on. It’s just overwhelming and, quite frankly, a little scary. The odds are great and all that but hearing all of these things made me panic a little. We’ll be doing a pre natal test called Harmony that can make a very good diagnosis on a lot of things in a very safe way for mom and baby. Basically, it consists of taking some blood from me and, from there, looking for DNA of the baby and then doing the tests on it. It’s quite exciting how far medicine is going. It’s expensive but it will take some of the anxiety out of the way and let us learn more about our baby.

It feels like we are still digesting the news and just beginning to grasp what this will mean. My husband and I still have these “a-ha moments”, where we look at each other and go “we are going to have a baby!!”.

Looking at this man, sitting right beside me as I type, I can honestly say I couldn’t have ask for anything more. What a man! Sadly, the sex drive has been at its lowest given the pregnancy symptoms but the caring and intimacy are as high as ever. It’s very reassuring to really feel and trust he will be a great father.