What a week it has been…! I’m so incredibly tired and sleepy and with this constant half-nausea as an ongoing companion. It is getting slightly better as, apparently, the placenta is starting to do more of its thing. Still, the low energy is a drainer and it’s sometimes even hard to express the happiness and gratitude that for sure abound.

Pilates keeps me sane as a time and space travel portal that gives me energy and lets me be at peace. Things there are a bit tricky as I am training to be a Pilates instructor but there has been questions about my commitment and now, actually, I’ll need to take a break to bring this wonderful baby to life. A little rock in my shoe that I hope won’t make any blisters.

Anyway, hopefully the energy will start picking up again and there will have more interesting stuff to share here.

The baby is now the size of the smallest chameleon in the world, an exciting comparison. I remember being a kid (3-4 years old?) during a family summer vacation on a beach island somewhere. There was this chameleon in the bathroom on the ground floor and it took me a while to grasp what it meant. It seemed, to my innocent children’s eyes, that it was melting with the environment and it was, clearly, a magical creature. I feel in love immediately.

Another thing on my mind is sharing the baby news. We are visiting my family in a few weeks and it’s tempting to share the joy – they will be thrilled. It’s also a good occasion to tell them all the news, incl. the decision to leave my job and dedicate myself to this at the moment. It’s a lot to share but the pregnancy will be at 10 weeks, which is still considered quite early.

I’m a bit torn about it because, while it’s true that bad things can happen and it would be sad to disappoint them after the big news, it is not the worse thing to be able to rely on your family for support if such a horrible thing happened. There’s still some time to think it over, though. Either way, I’m looking forwards to not hiding this and be able to caress my belly whenever I think of this miracle growing inside of me.