The baby is coming!

My honey and I went on this long business trip, with a final destination in Sydney, for 2 weeks. It’s true that Sydney in July is facing the Winter but that’s the kind of Winter that is just nice and pleasant. Just imagine it, with 20’C temperatures, sunny and a little bit of a breeze o help you going roundabout. It’s an awesome city, with a great laid back atmosphere, amazing landscapes and much to do and see.

Suddenly,  the main reason to be there was gone. So we decided to cut the trip short and head back to Europe. Goodbye, amazing Sydney. What a bummer! Not only we were going to miss out on the city but the (very long) flight back and sleepy day afterwards but the flight would also be overlapping with the fertile window.

What is the fertile window? I also didn’t know but, if you are trying to conceive, you will find out about it very soon. It’s those days of the month were you have the highest chances of getting pregnant. Hence, you don’t want to miss a bit part of these days to fly across the globe and stress about packing. In fact, this meant we were most likely not going to make a baby this month.
Still, love happens and we enjoyed our amazing time together 🙂

A couple of weeks later, we are having a tough family week, with lots of intense emotions and not enough rest. It didn’t surprise me at all when the PMS started kicking in, a bit strong and different than usual. The period was a day late but, hey, with all the travelling and stress… We are not robots, right?

Gradually, I started getting a bit anxious. One day passed, and then another… Every time I’d use the restrooms I would have that moment of “is it now?”. By the end of the week, we decided to take a few days off and explore the Nature. We got a pregnancy test right on the following day. It didn’t take 5 minutes to get the results; it took 5 seconds – and the result was awesome! There’s a baby coming!!!

It’s fantastic, a dream come true, a rush of adrenaline like no other. We both tried to talk but suddenly we became babies ourselves, babbling and trying to make words with our mouths. We both really wanted this to happen but nothing receiving the news was beyond our wildest expectations. 

The baby is coming, nothing will ever be the same, and we can’t wait for the adventure!