Baby is coming!

Now, that’s exciting! My man and I are just in the clouds, as happy as we can be. We just found out while taking a few days off so we are just enjoying the news, Nature and good food.

The symptoms are here: tired and sleepy, need to use the restrooms almost every hour but really nothing to complain about. All and all, I’m smiling the whole time, goofy happy and just so grateful. Also a bit worried if everything is happening and progressing well. My doctor is on vacation so we’ll only meet on week 8. We went to a doctor here and he said things look good, there’s no rush to visit my doctor but he couldn’t make all the tests because we wouldn’t be here by the time we got the results. Either way, we had our first ultrasound and you could see it, you could clearly see baby’s new home!

Later in the week, the stomach is feeling a bit uncomfortable but can’t really describe how – definitely not running to the WC like in the movies so I guess we are lucky. Baby, mom and dad are super happy.

We wanted to register the pregnancy somehow, maybe a photo project but we are not feeling particularly creative. Just in case, we took a couple of pictures to mark the moment, hoping to do the same each week.

Thoughts and emotions are all over the place: will it be a boy or a girl? What should we do, eat, see, read, etc? We are going to be awesome parents! The best in the world. Oh, there’s no way back. Oh, wow, just wow!

We came back from the trip and it felt even more like home: it’s our nest, where our baby will live and grow. Eating healthy food, exercising and making sure to sleep enough never felt easier as now everything I do impacts the three of us. How amazing is that?