The Charlie Mountain Plot against the world

The other day my husband showed me the Charlie Mountain : Candy Mountain video.

The video is so bad it’s good and you can see why it went viral. I didn’t give it much thought and forgot about it within a few minutes.

Or so I thought. A few days later I was mindlessly readying a free newspaper on the train that highlighted how Mark Zuckerberg, the big boss of Facebook, had a Swiss coffee machine. For some reason that was newsworthy. But suddenly, it hit me: Zuckerberg = Zucker (sugar) + Berg (Mountain), in German. And so it became clear:

There’s a plot to take Charlie to Facebook.

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Je suis charlie, I am charlie, plot, candy mountain, facebook

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Now, who is Charlie? If you remember the terrorist attack to the Charlie Hebdo newspaper , you’ll know  that… Je suis Charlie, you are Charlie, everyone is Charlie.


So, there’s a plot to take everyone to Facebook.

And what happens when everyone is there? Just like Charlie, you get a rush of happiness and then wake up without one of your kidneys. And what do your kidneys? They keep your blood clean. They keep you balanced.

There’s a plot to get everyone on Facebook to make you lose it.

Why? Ask the Unicorns. But next time you want to visit Facebook, you might want to ask yourself: am I willing to give them one of my kidneys?

PS: In case you are wondering why I would post something so off topic… Well, I had to share this conspiracy theory with my husband, especially given my reluctance to give in to Facebook. He loved it. And asked pretty please to post this. So, here you go, honey, let’s save the world, one post at the time.

As for me, I’ll remain outside the Facebook world. I’ll continue to miss out on all the… all the what, really? It’s been a good deal for me so far, even if I occasionally miss out on something that might or might not have been relevant. Call me old school, but I still like emails and text messaging to stay in touch. Or to chat with friends one to one online.  Or, even, let’s go crazy and meet our friends in person, in the offline world 🙂

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