I just finished the required written exam to become a certified coach. It was actually a lot of fun despite my discomfort in studying and actually getting started. It is yet another example that will hopefully help me remember that often the anxiety preceding an evaluation is really not worth it and things end up being way more as one would normally expect them to be rather than how we fantasise and agonise about it sometimes.

Anyway, it’s done and well done and it’s one step forward. All the written assignments and projects are submitted, the theoretical classes attended and the coaching hours as a client and as a coach implemented. Still missing: a couple of group sessions and then the oral exam, which takes no less than 11h, spread out through 6 sessions. This will happen in January & February so it will be a good way to kick off the new year.

In the meantime, between these milestones and the Psychometric certification, I’m  becoming more confident in becoming a real coach – it’s extremely rewarding and seems it fits my profile very well.

For now, yurray!