Week 14 – Troll!

Second Trimester

Energy and Confusion

Second Trimester – Yuppie!

“Looking at pictures is just a perfect recipe to laugh, cry, smile and fall asleep.” 

I keep hearing about all the wonder of the second semester: more energy and excitement, loads of drive, no more nausea and other funky symptoms… great, bring it on!

Except there hasn’t been much of a difference and I’m still quite tired all the time. There’s an appointment next week so we’ll see if the iron levels are good or if there’s something else that could explain this.


The belly is changing but still not showing enough for others to see. I like how the body is adapting and the baby is finding his place and warmth to grow. Nature really does find a way to make wonderful things happen. Weird dreams are popping up, not much that I can remember but seem related to the baby. There are ups and downs but I think we’ll create a great environment for this child to grow.

I’m quite emotional these days. A small comment can make me doubt everything, a song can make me cry and looking at pictures is just a perfect recipe to laugh, cry, smile and fall asleep. I am also second guessing anything: should the baby get a crib or a floor bed? Should I eat this or that? What if I get a cold? I’m also falling off the wagon with meditation which is a pity because it really helps. Here’s a commitment to get back on track. Starting now 🙂

Baby is now the size of a troll doll. Those are such ugly and endearing souvenirs from the 80s. I had one when I was a kid and I always wondered why would someone make such an ugly creature. Then again, it’s so ugly you can’t avoid liking it. It turns out that Troll actually means “an ugly cave-dwelling creature depicted as either a giant or a dwarf.” This gives a new meaning to the “trolls” you find online. Now I can imagine them and pull their long hair up and curl it around my finger as I read their nasty comments – it will definitely help putting things into perspective.

Anyway, falling asleep again, and getting lost in nonsense. Time to cuddle with my man and my boy and give in to a peaceful sleep.